New World's End

An audio experience on Jalan Besar through the eyes of 2 lovers. A textured locale that had gone through the different generations in time and yet uncanningly there are some similarities across time.


Experiences is a documentary that follows the stories of tenants in Peninsula Shopping Centre. A quaint mall with an eclectic mix of tenants and one of the earliest shopping malls in Singapore. 

Peninsula Shopping Centre is a space to revisit the past, to enjoy the present and experience a revival all at once.

Experiences is birthed from an Artist Residency programme under Dbl Spce , an arts incubation space based in Peninsula Shopping Centre itself. The documentary is produced with 4 months of prep and ground work, with a 3 week on-site residency in Dbl Spce, Peninsula Shopping Centre.

Produced and Shot by : Benny Loh
Spatial Intervention: Chalk Architects
Additional Camera Work: Dennis Ong and Christopher Lua
Additional Editing: Dennis Ong
Researcher: Adda Chua

Very Momentary Exhibition

A transient intervention of our urban landscape by Wei of Very Small Exhibition, to see new light in familiar spaces.


A space where silos of different disciplines are cross pollinated.

Skin Deep Stories

Winnie a tattoo artist originally from Hong Kong, talks about the space the tattoo takes on the skin and holds in the heart.

Dbl Spce

An integrated art space dedicated to art practice, located in the quaint Peninsula Shopping Centre.

Loop Garms

A space where Garments go through Loops, a museum of garments, a repository of culture and a space for like-minded individuals.

Home is where the heart is

A Japanese way of life right within a Singaporean HDB Apartment. Creating a culture within a new context. 

 Collaboration: Studio Zeros and Chalk Architects.

Transparent Studio

Where light and music flow in the same breathe. Musical Dialogues talks about their home and studio where music flows and breathes.

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